SouthLand Studios is a video game development studio focusing on VR and cinematic experiences. We are located in the heart of south Texas, San Antonio. We strive to tell immersive and exciting stories through innovative and new technology including cinematic animation, virtual reality and video game development. Our mission is to make interactive experiences that make the user feel connected to the stories that we are telling in a way that most do not.  

Our Story

Our current team met while we were in school together at the Art Institute of San Antonio. We worked on a few projects together but all graduated at different times. After we all finished school, we decided that we had some great ideas and wanted to try working for ourselves. We took a love for playing and creating story driven, cinematic games and a love for writing and turned that into Southland Studios.


This studio represents our passion and excitement for what we think we can do in the video game and animation industry. We hope to create stories and worlds that feed the imagination and make people think. A story isn't worth telling if you don't tell it right, here's hoping we can tell them right...


The team @ SouthLand Studios